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Kim Pedersen

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Longtime Japan expert. Kim grew up in Japan, master Japanese language and culture as absolutely native.
Kim has worked with Japan and export and marketing, for more than 25 years covering a wide range of products, from interior, furniture, building materials, gardens, medical equipment, food and beverages (meat, seafood, confecture, and more) and a variety of business consutling within many other industries as well.
Kim Pedersen knows the Japanese market in and out. He know how to solve a problem in Japan, nobody else can solve. He has a network which covers many industries and can benefit your business from day one.

Partner companies

We work together with a number of partner companies. This includes mainly Japanese and Danish companies within the food industry.
On the Japanese market, we cover more or less all types of companies within the food industry, from meat related companies, seafood, food processing companies, confecture, frozen food, food ingredients and much more.
We also cover the largest retailers and food service sector.


Other people

​More people coming soon...

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