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05 Fastest introduction of Danish building materials

The impossible was done! Fastest and successful introduction of water free urinals to the Japanese market, competing with Toto and Inax, in less than one year!

05 Fastest introduction of Danish building materials

Kim Pedersen was hired to introduce Uridan water free urinals to the Japanese market. Within less than one year, we had business with 4 of the 5 major general constructors, the biggest food service companies, public institutions etc.
Test installations were made at all these companies. We had 30 distributors through out Japan, covering most of the country.

Skills needed to pull of this task:
Vast network within the building industry
Product knowledge
Knowledge about industry trend
Japan knowledge, from language, business practices
Experience introducing new products to Japan

Skills, experience and knowledge which made it possible to pulled off this task:

Profile of person in charge for this task:

Kim Pedersen was hired full time for the job paid by the Japanese importer and commission from Denmark.

Price / agreement

Major achievements / references:

References at:
Shimizu Kensetsu, Taisei Kensetsu, Obayashigumi, McDonalds, Skylark, Kabukiza, Koshien, Dorokodan (highway system), car manufacturers, pachinko halls, educational institutions and much more.

This was a successful and incredibly fast introduction of a product to a very competitive Japanese market.
Do you want your product to be equally fast and successfully introduced to the Japanese market?
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