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03 Japanese packaging material export

Many Japanese companies want to export, but they dont know how to get started

03 Japanese packaging material export

Recently, we got a task to assist a Japanese company exporting their packaging materials.

Skills needed to pull of this task:
Network in Japan
Experience starting up export from Japan
Ability to research markets outside Japan and reach logical conclusions
Ability to find market opportunities, thinking out of the box
Network within the international transport and packaging industry
Japan knowledge, from language, business practices

Skills, experience and knowledge which made it possible to pulled off this task:

Profile of person in charge for this task:

A monthly fee for 300.000 JPY was fixed to cover general market research, setting a export strategy, finding importers, negotiating contracts etc.
The 300.000 JPY covers one visit to the exporters office every months for strategy meetings, updates and discussions.
All practical tasks done online.
All direct costs, like transport and accommodation is paid by customer.

Price / agreement

Major achievements / references:

Undisclosed / Ongoing / successfully working on first export market

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