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02 Plant based meat

Plant based meat are getting increasingly popular in Asia.

For Japan, the plant based meat has not really taken off yet. The meat industry has tried various plant based meat the last 5 to 10 years, but all their attempts have failed. The reason is the majority of customers simply dislikes the product.

Analyzing the reasons, being able to introduce products which solves the issue on the market helps making a new attempt successful.

Asia Trade Advisors has successfully introduced a European company's plant-based meat to the largest players in Japan, covering more or less all food processing companies as well as importers of meat in Japan.

02 Plant based meat

We have introduced a European company to Japanese companies within the meat industry, food processing industry, food ingredients industry, trading houses, meat trader, frozen food manufacturer and much more in under 1 months.

Our network within the food industry covers more or less all you may need.

Due to our close ties with the food industry in Japan, it usually takes no more than a couple of weeks to organize high quality meetings, pinpointing the companies which needs your products the most. We organize meetings with the person in charge of your product.

If your product has any chance on the Japanese market, we will know it within a couple of months from tying up with your company.

Skills needed to pull of this task:
Vast network within the food industry
Product knowledge
Knowledge about industry trend
Japan knowledge, from language, business practices
Experience introducing new products to Japan

Skills, experience and knowledge which made it possible to pulled off this task:

Profile of person in charge for this task:

This was part of a Japan market entry package, where the customer paid a fixed amount pr months for introductions, setting up meetings, customer visits, working out the tariff, handling customer requests, communication between enduser and manufacturer, setting the market entry strategy and much more.

Price starts from 500.000 JPY / months plus expenses.
Min one year contract

Price / agreement

Major achievements / references:


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