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01 Custom duty from 15 percent to 0 percent

Making sure to get the lowest possible import duty tariff is one of the keys for your product to become competitive on the Asian markets.

There are ways to do this. Better be prepared than sorry. Its too late, when you realize, your tariff is going to ruin your potential on the market.

01 Custom duty from 15 percent to 0 percent

Custom duty are normally fixed by the custom at the time of importing the goods. The HS code you have selected can be rejected, and suddenly you have an expense you did not expected, and your product might no longer be competitive. But dont worry. There are ways around it. Contact us for more information.

In dept knowledge of the Japanese custom system
Japanese language - absolute native level
Knowledge of industry practices
Experience negotiating with the Japanese custom
Network within the food industry, public institutions and more

Skills, experience and knowledge which made it possible to pulled off this task:

Profile of person in charge for this task:

This was part of a Japan market entry package, where the customer paid a fixed amount pr months for introductions, setting up meetings, customer visits, working out the tariff, handling customer requests, communication between enduser and manufacturer, setting the market entry strategy and much more.

Price / agreement

Major achievements / references:

Custom duty were fixed to 0%

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