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Custom duty are normally fixed by the custom at the time of importing the goods. The HS code you have selected can be rejected, and suddenly you have an expense you did not expected, and your product might no longer be competitive. But dont worry. There are ways around it. Contact us for more information.

01 Custom duty from 15 percent to 0 percent

Making sure to get the lowest possible import duty tariff is one of the keys for your product to become competitive on the Asian markets.

There are ways to do this. Better be prepared than sorry. Its too late, when you realize, your tariff is going to ruin your potential on the market.

Asia Trade Advisors have introduced a European company to Japanese companies within the meat industry, food ingredients industry, trading houses, meat trader, frozen food manufacturer and much more in under 1 months.

02 Plant based meat

Plant based meat are getting increasingly popular in Asia.

For Japan, the plant based meat has not really taken off yet. The meat industry has tried various plant based meat the last 5 to 10 years, but all their attempts have failed. The reason is the majority of customers simply dislikes the product.

Analyzing the reasons, being able to introduce products which solves the issue on the market helps making a new attempt successful.

Asia Trade Advisors has successfully introduced a European company's plant-based meat to the largest players in Japan, covering more or less all food processing companies as well as importers of meat in Japan.

export, environmentally friendly packing material, packaging material, Japanese company export

03 Japanese packaging material export

Many Japanese companies want to export, but they dont know how to get started

We helped Damptech enter the Japanese market back in 2001. Damptech is producing a patented friction damper, which protects buidlings and bridges from damages during earthquakes.

04 Patented friction damper device

Damptech is a Danish company, producing a patented friction damper, to protect buildings and bridges from damages during earthquakes.

Kim Pedersen was hired to introduce Uridan water free urinals to the Japanese market. Within less than one year, we had business with 4 of the 5 major general constructors, the biggest food service companies, public institutions etc. Test installations were made at all these companies. We had 30 distributors through out Japan, covering most of the country.

05 Fastest introduction of Danish building materials

The impossible was done! Fastest and successful introduction of water free urinals to the Japanese market, competing with Toto and Inax, in less than one year!

25 YouTube channel for the meat industry in Japan

YouTube channel for the meat industry in Japan

If you are interested in promoting your products through our channel, please contact me on

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