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Our pricing is based on your needs.
We offer a flexible hourly, daily, weekly or project based pricing.


Hourly base

Our hourly fee is 300 USD

This does not include direct costs like traveling, accommodation, 


Commission base

We DO offer a commission based solution. However, commission based solutions are dependent on the exporters willingness to accept reasonable deals with the importers. So we have conditions which needs to be accepted for a commission based agreement, including a minimum payment pr months.


Daily / weekly base

Hire us for a day or a week, or few weeks, for visits, organizing an exhibition, setting up your office or what it may be.



Project base

We would love to work on project bassed assignments. Let us know about your project, let us help you achieve success in Asia.

Get a quotation

Ask for a quotation today. We will get back to you asap.

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