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09 - Get a second opinion

Don't let doubts about your present strategy hold you back on the Asian / Japanese markets. Get a second opinion on your market setup and maximize your opportunities.

09 - Get a second opinion

Navigating the Japanese market can be tricky, and it's not uncommon for companies to get stuck with ineffective or outdated strategies.

Asia Trade Advisors has a vast experience in exporting to Japan from various countries. Exporting to Japan can sometimes seem difficult, since it's hard to know which setup to select, which company to tie up with, and why a particular solution is being suggested. Many companies end up taking the first solution offered by somebody who claims to be an expert on Japan or Asian markets, but often the setup is not even close to the best solution.

Why not ask for a second opinion? Most of our customers, get an "AHA!" experience, when presented for other options.

What we do is check up on the present setup, evaluate it, talk to people involved, talk to customers and industry experts, and further analyze it to come up with our own conclusion on whether your present setup is reasonable or if there are possibilities to come up with one or more improvements, which will maximize your sales and profit on the Japanese market.

Trust our experience, cultural and language knowledge, business knowledge, and vast network in many industries. We will provide a report where the user can easily see the problems with the present setup and the solution for the future.


250.000 JPY / 2.000 USD

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