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Focus 03:
Experience and network

Take advantage of our long time experience introducing new products and expand markets in Japan as well as our vast network within many industries in Japan

Focus 03:
Experience and network

Vast network within many industries in Japan

Through the last 25+ years, we have built a vast network within the food industry in Japan. Our main network is within the meat industry. Secondly the food manufacturing industry. Third within the seafood industry.

Other network

We have a vast network also within the building industry, furniture and interior industry, exhibition industry, media and the entertainment industry and much more.

The network we don't have, we establish in record time

Throughout the years, we have managed to build up network within almost any industry required. Japan is a very tough country to network if you don't have a base within the industry. However, our strength is an already existing vast network covering many industries. This network helps creating the first contact to a new industry.

Easy introduction to major importers

Due to our vast network, it is easy for us to introduce your product to one or more of the Japanese importers or distributors within your industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us for introduction.
However, please keep in mind, this service is not for free as you may imagine. Neither do we introduce everything we are asked. We will have a thorough check up of your products, your willingness to cope with the difficulties the Japanese market contains to introduce your product to Japan. We also want to tie up long-term with you, rather than simply introducing you to an importer.
There will be plenty of situations, from the introduction, where you wish you had tied up with a company who could solve all the problems which will arise, doing business with Japan.
So, first thing first. Let us check your product, lets discuss a long-term contract, then we will do the rest.
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