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Focus 01:
Entering the Japanese market

Enter the Japanese market fast and easy

Focus 01:
Entering the Japanese market

Japan is simply not for everybody

Not all companies should enter the Japanese market. It depends whether you have a competitive product, whether you are willing to accept the challenges there are on the Japanese market, a long-term commitment and much more. If you are not ready, it might cost you more than you imagined.

We can of course help you enter the market fast and easy if your product is competitive and ready for the Japanese market. But we don't simply accept to work for all companies but prefer to work with those who is ready for Japan, to avoid regrets, loss of opportunities and investment for both of us.

Why not make a simple feasibility study with us before you start?

Are you ready for the market? Is your product competitive? Does it meet all the requirement needed? Will the Japanese like your product? Are there any company who wants to partner up with you?

It is easy to make the initial feasibility study. One way to go is to exhibit your product(s) in Japan. Thereby you will get the opportunity to talk to potential Japanese partners like importers, distributors, end-users or any other kind of partners. This will answer a lot of your questions related to the Japanese market. But there are also a lot of traps you need to avoid which can be difficult to see, if you don't know the market well.

You can also ask us to do the study for you or we can even participate on your booth if you decide to exhibit in Japan. We already have a huge network in Japan build up through the last 30+ years doing actual business in Japan as well as advising several hundred companies on how to enter the Japanese market. We can easily check your product, find the most relevant partners, ask the Japanese companies what they think about your product etc.

Check out our feasibility study service here.

Find the right partners in Japan

Common mistakes when trying to enter Japan, is to go for the first company who shows interest in your products. It is very common also for Japanese companies, to ask for exclusivity for your product. A lot of companies have lost opportunities this way simply going for the first and seemingly best option.
The Japanese market is big. Depending on your product type, the market can be divided into categories like regions, type of industries, related group companies and much more. It is a complex market structure, where you risk losing huge market shares by not considering all options from the beginning. The Japanese partners company size as well as network should be considered before making any decision reg. type of collaboration.

Let us help you find the right partner in Japan

We offer many services needed for a company who wants to enter the Japanese market for the first time or want to expand on the market. For our full package please see our services here. We offer everything from a short initial zoom call to evaluate your potentials, elaborating the right Japan market strategy, market research, finding the right partners in Japan and negotiate a contract, checking up on your present partners, second opinion, handling complaints, setting up an office in Japan and much more.

We are your one stop company for entering into or expanding on the Japanese market.

Always ask for a second opinion

Whether you are already present on the market, or you are thinking of entering the market, always ask for a second opinion from people who know the market. We can usually give you a second opinion within a few weeks time. Check out our service for second opinion here.

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